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The homoepathic drug Pulsatilla is found to have a promising effect on the female reproductive mechanism. This was found during the studies on the anti-fertility effect on the vegetable kingdom

Even as the national media goes into an orgasmic frenzy over the new potency drug Viagra, media observers have expressed concern that such blatant advertising of wonder drugs might spawn 'desi'

In what can be called potential health threat, scientists from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), have found Polychlorinated Benzene (PCB), a well known cancer causing agent, in the Yamuna, which is

At least 25 out of 100 traffic police officials, who underwent a health check-up camp on Sunday, are likely to show symptoms of "severe respiratory problems" indicating the extend of the health

Two top scientists are calling for immediate destruction of the world's remaining supply of smallpox virus because they fear that it could fall into terrorists' hands.

The announcement last week that bacteria of a strain associated with chest infections could be found in the brains of Alzheimer's disease raised pulse rates in the world of medical research. If the

Computers capable of predicting how drugs will react and move through the human body are the target of a collaboration between Japanese electronics group Hitachi and a team of Irish

A protein found in goat milk can keep a number of diseases at bay. The protein, lactoperoxidabse (LP), was found effective against a battery of bacteria causing cholera, pneumonia,gastroenteritis,

Surgery without surgery. Well this is the new concept in the treatment of jaundice due to obstruction of the bile passages, cancerous blockages of the food pipe and life threatening bleeding from the

Experts on non-surgical procedures for food track blockages and tumours are going to train specialists and general physicians on the latest developments in the field. The Society of Gastrointestinal