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Clarizyme is a new biodegradedable enzyme produced by the Central Leather Research Institute in Madras as a replacement for substances used in tanneries

Chromosome III in yeast, the first to have its DNA fully described, opened up a wealth of new genes whose functions are completely unknown

EGYPTIAN scientists Y I Hanna and M M Kandil of the National Institute for Standards in Cairo have designed and tested a double-layered curtain using local textiles which absorbs sound and light to

A NEW cryogenic system for industrial cleaning, using "dry ice" or solidified carbon dioxide, has been developed by Distillers MG, which is part of the German Messer Griesheim industrial gas group.

Villagers, students, welfare organisations and opposition parties have come together and formed a council to protest the proposed mining and processing of uranium in Meghalaya

RECENT studies by four independent teams of astronomers indicate that planetary systems resembling the young solar system may exist in nearby parts of the galaxy. Three of these studies,

THE REFUSAL of the Union railway ministry and the Goa administration to participate in the Kamla Chowdhury committee, set up by the Union ministry of environment and forests to review the Konkan

SCIENTISTS are now looking for a defective gene that leads to over-production of uric acid, a condition that may lead to gout-related disorders and kidney complaints. Recent research shows that gout

TIMBER worth crores of rupees is being stolen from the UP forests. Trees are cut either without permission or with the connivance of those in authority. Timber worth Rs 30 lakh was seized in a

Studying the history of human interaction with nature can be very useful in formulating resource management policies. It can also provide a clearer insight into the causes of poverty