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AIDS victims the world over are dismayed by the discovery that taking azidothymidine as soon as HIV infection is confirmed does not delay death any further than if they took it after symptoms develop.

In order to propagate its own species, a parasitic fungus attacks mustard plants and transforms their leaves, making them look like flowers of other species.

A hieroglyphic script in which the earliest Central American texts were written has been partly deciphered, thanks to an engraved slab found by fisherfolk.

SCIENTISTS have found in the foothills of the Andes mountains the remains of what they contend is the earliest dinosaur. Unlike its giant descendants, the discovery by a US-Argentinian team

SHEEP treated with a protein found in the salivary glands of male mice can shed their fleece on their own. Scientists use the protein produced artificially through genetic manipulation in a

AMERICAN physicists are taking increasingly to a computer-based electronic bulletin board developed by physicist Paul Ginsparg that enables them to exchange research information. Physicists can

A NEW variety of potato has its own armour against pests and does not need a helping hand from insecticides. Its armour of hair traps and kills insects trying to feed on it (Ceres, Vol 25, No 2).

The panchayats of Sonrai in Uttar Pradesh and Palana in Rajasthan share a Jawahar Rozgar Yojana experience. Both ignored the water needs of the villagers and spent the money instead on projects that are not even being maintained properly.

"RANTHAMBORE is like a leper's pock mark on this district," says a senior citizen of Sawai Madhopur, the town near which this important national park is located. The comment sums up the disdain in

PHOTOGRAPHS of the recent devastating tornado that swept away five villages near Kandi in West Bengal's Murshidabad district show some high walls still standing amidst surrounding debris -- mute