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IN a welcome move, Madhya Pradesh (mp) has been proclaimed a 'Tiger state' to give more thrust to its tiger protection programme. Declaring this on June 25, the state minister for forests, B R Yadav,

The salient features of the new government scheme which would allow paper plantations to stay on degraded forests are: • The selection of the project area shall be done jointly by the

The area under forest cover in India has been a subject of controversy and intense debate between the Forest Department anf the environmental groups and researchers. As more and more remote sensing

Mounting protests have greeted a Brazilian government proposal to construct a hydroelectric dam on the Cotingo River in the Serra/Raposa do Sol area in the northern part of the country. The project

With quinine-based drugs, traditionally sought to treat malaria, failing to contain the disease anymore, scientists of the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (cimap), based in

Language errors can definitely pose problems, as villagers of 5 districts in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra will testify. The misinterpretation of 2 Marathi words Zudpi Jungle in the records of

An international conference on "Using Diversity" was organised by the South Asian office of the International Development Research Centre in New Delhi between June 19-21, 1995. The main focus of the

The ecologically fragile hill state of Himachal Pradesh is in for more degradation as the state government gives the go-ahead to set up 3 cement plants. The state has suffered already due to unabated

• A grant of US $172,000 for cataract research has been extended by the US-based National Eye Institute to an Indian research group consisting of D Balasubramaniam and Mohan Rao of the Centre

India is sitting on a "tuberculosis (tb) time bomb", says the World Health Organization (who), 1995 report on the tb epidemic. About half the adult population in the country is reportedly suffering