A timeless dream: eternal youth, unblemished by illness. The search for the font of immortality has taken a late 20th century turn into what seems like fantasy science. The basis of this search is the belief that if death cannot be staved off forever, hum

These are the days of frenetic crossborder data networking. Electronic cilia have crawled into almost every nook in the world where information could be waiting to be tapped or inserted. Access to a gigantic, and growing, well of information is a few keyb

Children from all over India recently came together bursting with ideas on how to build a cleaner country

How did elements come to be tabulated according to their properties?

or the campaign child of non-governmental organisations. It has come of age as a respectable middle class concern. Perhaps it is ready to graduate into commodity fetishism? Business establishments

A recent study suggests thart a moderate consumption of alcohol is good for the heart

In recent years, scientists have closed in on cancer, pinning down precisely how its hellish manifestations are caused and spread. Their findings mean a whole new way of looking at and treating the killer disease

An Indian scientist has developed a process to refine low grade coal to prevent its residue of fly ash

Aping Western trends in science has given Indian research priorities a skewed perspective

New chemical compounds have made radiographic imaging for tumour detection cheaper