LONDON: Science has now proved what Shakespeare always said—rosemary aroma improves memory and helps you remember to do things.

Galileo upturned the Biblical theory of the universe On February 13, 1633, Galileo Galilei arrived in Rome for trial before the Catholic Church

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Pope Benedict XVI called off a visit to a prestigious university in Rome in the face of hostility from some of its academics and students, who accused him of despising science and defending the

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In a 1995 article in The New Statesman, the anthropologist Jonathan Benthall wrote, "Clifford Geertz disappoints some colleagues because he comes up with no overarching theories.' Benthall was right or at least partly so: Geertz deliberately chose not to expound universal theories, seeking instead to find meaning in small-scale observations of simple human interaction

Fresh research advances the date of human ancestors

Joseph Needham's monumental work grinds to a halt after his recent demise