New Delhi: An Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, study on the oil sector has suggested radical reforms, including complete deregulation, where private and public sector firms are free to price fuel as they deem fit.

THE Copenhagen climate summit may have failed to generate results, but a group of students at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) are showing their dedication to the cause of greener earth with entrepreneurial ideas which incidentally also make good business sense.

Vasundhara Vyas Mehta | TNN

New Delhi: Fuel worth Rs 100-150 crore is wasted on highways annually due to inter-state and intra-state checkpost delays and elaborate checking of documents, a recent study by logistics major Transport Corporation of India (TCI) and IIM-Calcutta has found. The joint study also claimed bad road condition resulted in reduction of average truck speed to only 20 kmph.

India generates 13,878.58 MW grid-interactive power from renewable sources like from wind, small hydro, solar, biogas co-generation and biomass. It amounts to 9% of the total installed generation capacity. It has been enabled by the provision of government incentives like capital and interest subsidy, accelerated depreciation and concessional excise and customs duties.