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US Navy researchers have developed a non-polluting rocket fuel that uses alcohol to ignite hydrogen peroxide, and scientists say, a variation might one day propel

Senior officials in Russia's space programme have horrified the Americans with plans to extend the life of the accident-prone Mir space station. The American National Aeronautics Space Administration

Pakistan can testfire its medium range Shaheen missile any time as all preparations have been completed, media reports said on Sunday. "We can conduct the first test-fire of Sheheen missile any time,

Ordinary garden spinach could be used to neutralise dangerous explosives,according to US scientists. The technique could prove safer,cheaper and more environmentally friendly than any disposal

The U.S. Justice Department unveiled a surprising cast of computer industry executives to testify against Microsoft Corp., underscoring a broadening of its landmark antitrust case against the

A British comapny has created a timekeeping device that plugs into the back of a personal computer (PC) to protect it against the millennium

China has taken its first resolute steps towards tackling the year 2000 computer problem by issuing an order that system changes must be completed by next March. The directive from the state council

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India's premier R &D organisation, has tied up with multinational giants Mobil, Amoco and Stone and Webster for technology transfer and

Sam Pitroda, chairman and CEO of WorldTel claimed to put Tamil Nadu on the global information highway by bringing in $50-60 million by way of equity for the first of its kind Internet Community

The US Department of Energy has a new computer developed by IBM that will help in solving technological problems.