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Litigation against unscientific and environmentally dangerous mining activity brought Himachal Pradesh lime quarries into national prominence.

FISHERFOLK and environmental scientists are blaming industries set up along the Sindh coast for causing serious health problems by emitting increasing amounts of carbon monoxide and lead into the

India was the first country in the world to make environmental audits mandatory, hoping it would encourage industry to shift from pollution control to process efficiency

PEOPLE confined to wheelchairs will be able to reach for anything stored on the topmost shelves because a wheelchair has been developed in USA that can be raised a couple of metres without loss

The fast expanding brick industry in Kerala is causing irreversible damage to paddy fields in a state that is already beset by an acute rice shortage.

A NEW V ACUUM cleaner has over come the perennial problem of dust clogging the filter and reducing the machine's efficiency. Dyson Dual Cyclone whizzes dirt and air around at high speed, but

Helped by state government concessions, Tamil Nadu is all set to expand its wind forms and become the country's premier wind energy centre.

GREEN IMPLICATIONS Though a few proposals in the 1991 budget may be termed eco-friendly, the overall trend remains hostile towards the environment

Urban waste will cease to be a problem if it is treated as a resource rather than refuse from consumption, which requires disposal.

Budgetary provisions aimed at giving a fillip to industry, will add to the burden on the country's resources.