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Factories in Pakistan's Faisalabad city are spewing one hazardous pollutants, while the water and garbage disposal systems seem to have virtually bid goodbye. Rapid industrialisation has

ALARMED by the increasing level of environmental pollution in the country, and the failure of existing organisations in tackling the problem, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment has

DuPont slimes out of catastrophe responsibility

It is time to question whether the new green urgency of big business is a genuine change of heart

An ambitious Danish green tax has few takers, especially in the industrial sector

"TO BE or not to be": one is immediately struck by the stark bipolarity suggested by the title. The show, presented by Max Mueller Bhavan and the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature, is about the

The Dakshina Kannada district will become Karnataka's showpiece of industrial development, the state government has been saying. However, a study begun in 1993 has projected a rather depressing

Germany's Daimler Benz held a workshop on environment friendly transport in the Capital

A recent Supreme Court ruling prevents Britannia Biscuits Co from recycling its tin containers. Ending what may have been an interesting environment-friendly scheme, the court ruled that the the

Effluent treatment schemes get underway in a Tamil Nadu town famed for its hosiery units