JK Paper Ltd, a flagship company of the JK Singhania group is setting up a new 1.65 lakh tonnes per annum (TPA) paper plant at its existing unit in Rayagada in Odhisa.

For this, the company plans to invested Rs 1650 crore to meet growing demand, customers’ needs and aspirations especially from digital printing industry. JK Paper holds 28 per cent of market share of Indian paper industry.

JK has recently embarked on a Rs 1,500-crore expansion programme. Could you spell out the details of the proposed expansion?

JK Paper plans to raise the production capacity of the company to 3.6 lakh tonne per annum from the present 2.4 lakh tonne.

The Indian paper industry on Tuesday failed to get any relief from the Delhi High Court over the Government

Ajay Modi / New Delhi May 21, 2009, 0:21 IST

A sharp drop in the prices of inputs like pulp, coal and chemicals from their last year

India has growing shortages of timber and wood-based products. Agro-forestry plantations promoted by wood-based industries and raised by a large number of small farmers and imports play a major role in bridging the demand supply gap. Private sector companies like Wimco and ITC have played a major role in promoting technology based high yielding clonal plantations under agro-forestry on commercial scale.