ITC proposes to double capacity in its Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division to one million tonnes.

The Indian paper industry on Tuesday failed to get any relief from the Delhi High Court over the Government

Indian paper industry is clearly in step with the government objectives of industrial development, employment generation (primarily rural), increase in literacy and environment protection.

Wealth out of waste (WOW)

Many environmental problems arise from the deliberate or inadvertent abuse, misuse and over use of natural resources by human beings. In the past, changes were always slow, but this is no longer true. Industrial activities have drastically increased the pace at which changes in the environment are taking place.

NEW DELHI: Using the latest environment-friendly technology, ITC has launched

India has growing shortages of timber and wood-based products. Agro-forestry plantations promoted by wood-based industries and raised by a large number of small farmers and imports play a major role in bridging the demand supply gap. Private sector companies like Wimco and ITC have played a major role in promoting technology based high yielding clonal plantations under agro-forestry on commercial scale.

At ITC, CSR is built into its businesses.

ITC Paper Mills utilises UF for the removal of silica in the boiler feed water reducing the boiler blowdowns which consume heavy volumes of water and heat energy.

ITC's proposed plant of 200,000 tonnes paper capacity will need 400,000 tonnes of dry wood, for which, in turn, 800,000 tonnes of wet wood (with normal moisture content) are needed.