As species face rapid environmental change, we can build resilient populations through restoration projects that incorporate predicted future climates into seed sourcing decisions. Eucalyptus melliodora is a foundation species of a critically endangered community in Australia that is a target for restoration. We examined genomic and phenotypic variation to make empirical based recommendations for seed sourcing. We examined isolation by distance and isolation by environment, determining high levels of gene flow extending for 500 km and correlations with climate and soil variables.

The Project that covers exploration of eucalypts, pine and cedar trees is meant to develop new forest fields in perimeters that belonged to the Angola Cellulose and Paper Company (CCPA) in Benguela

SALCEDO, Ecuador – The southeastern wedge of Ecuador’s Cotopaxi province is filled with rich agricultural land.

Johannesburg – A type of charcoal made from eucalyptus trees could provide the solution to South Africa’s polluted water.

Devising agricultural management schemes that enhance food security and soil carbon levels is a high priority for many nations. However, the coupling between agricultural productivity, soil carbon stocks and organic matter turnover rates is still unclear.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Raj Kumar Jain Vs. Ruchi Gupta & Ors. dated 07/01/2016 regarding cutting of Eucalyptus trees which according to the respondents are cause of nuisance and pose danger to their dwelling places.

The case is disposed of as the Applicant has decided to withdraw the application with the liberty to pursue the remedies against the orders passed or notices issued as regards cutting of trees in question before the competent forum/s.

THE Sustainable Afforestation Association (SAA) is on course completing a total 8 000 hectares of new eucalyptus plantations in just three years, in a massive private-sector offensive against tobac

Exclusive: report has implications for proposed Shenhua coalmine after researchers found changing water table levels can affect the ecosystem several kilometres beyond mine boundaries

André Mugemangango's eucalyptus shamba of about one hectare has been infested with strange insects for the past few years.

Judgement of the National Green Tribunal (Principal Bench, New Delhi) in the matter of Safal Bharat Guru Parampara Vs State of Punjab & Others dated 20/07/2015 regarding the policy of the State of Punjab for providing free electricity to the farmers for agricultural purposes, to lay down concrete steps to check the amount of ground water pumped by the farmers of state of Punjab and order a complete ban on the plantation of eucalyptus trees in view of the fact that the said trees require huge amount of water.