India’s forest cover decreased by 367 square kilometers between 2007 and 2009, and it was primarily tribal and hilly regions that were to blame, according to the biennial forest survey released las

The country recorded a decrease of 367 square km in forest cover last year, compared with 2009, according to India State of Forest Report 2011, released here on Tuesday.

Andhra’s Khammam Alone Accounts For Almost 50% Loss: FSI Report.

The growth and plant water relations of Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm. and E. camaldulensis Dehnh. in relation to soil salinity were studied by transplanting one and half month old seedlings in the pots filled with eight levels of artificially created soil salinity levels.

The trees spanning many of the mountainsides of western Montana glow an earthy red, like a broadleaf forest at the beginning of autumn.

Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun, is for the past one year, trying to find a way to control the gall disease that has affected almost 50 per cent of the eucalyptus trees being grown in the

The Punjab Forest Department had decided to give a big push to agro-forestry in the state and 18 lakh seedlings of fast-growing and economically important tree species such as eucalyptus, shisham and drek had been produced.

Stating this here today, Forest Minister Arunesh Shakar said the state Forest Department in order achieve the target of 15 per cent forest cover in the state by 2020 had dec

Selected afforestation and reforestation interventions have been studied in the Terai region of Uttarakhand with the objectives to assess their carbon sequestration potential, and cost-effectiveness exclusive and inclusive of carbon benefits.

The State Department of Forests is planning to permit private companies to grow forest produce such as rubber, eucalyptus, bamboo, reed, cane and tamarind on its land across the State.

Forest Minister C H Vijayashankar told reporters here on Wednesday that the department will take a major portion of about 1.40 lakh acres of forest land that is in the possession of the Karnataka Forest Developme

Karnataka has banned cultivation of eucalyptus in malnad (hill area) and semi-malnad areas.