Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Samvit Foundation Vs State of Uttar Pradesh & Others dated 18/02/2020 regarding validity of proposal to establish more wood based industries/saw mills in the State of Uttar Pradesh without correctly determining availability of timber to sustain the same.

Balancing forest harvesting and restoration is critical for forest ecosystem management. In this study, we used LANDIS, a spatially explicit forest landscape model, to evaluate the effects of 21 alternative forest management initiatives which were drafted for forests in the upstream region of the Hun River in northeastern China.

New Delhi India has potential to make forest produce like wood and paper as major foreign exchange earner and UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) is ready to extend knowledge and technological assistance for the same, a top FAO official said on Thursday.

“India can turn wood and paper as its major export items by pursuing a sustainable forestry policy,” Eduardo Rojas Sriales, assistant director general, forestry department, FAO,

The growth and plant water relations of Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm. and E. camaldulensis Dehnh. in relation to soil salinity were studied by transplanting one and half month old seedlings in the pots filled with eight levels of artificially created soil salinity levels.

The Asia-Pacific region is home to over 900 million poor. Most are in rural areas and there is considerable overlap with forest areas. As such, the forestry sector developments are intimately engaged with poverty issues.

Industrial tree plantations for wood, palm oil and rubber are generating an increasing number of confl icts between companies and local populations. Relying on a wide-ranging literature review, this article analyses the alleged impacts of such plantations, the protesters involved, and the modalities of the confl icts.

Ecological studies of orangutans have almost exclusively focused on populations living in primary or selectively logged rainforest. The response of orangutans to severe habitat degradation remains therefore poorly understood. Most experts assume that viable populations cannot survive outside undisturbed or slightly disturbed forests.

Forests as energy sources are now to help reduce carbon emissions. The search is on for land areas and suitable trees. Germany could have been a leader in this field, had it not squandered its head start.

National Forest Policy analysis 1988.

This article addresses forestry projects attempting to register with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).