BENGALURU: Forest fires have reduced 35,891 acres to cinders in Karnataka in the past five years, and the year 2019 has taken the lead with the blaze in Bandipur National Park razing 15,000 acres.

The Ecological Festival of Western Ghats will be held from November 30 to December 2

Under the pretext of environment conservation, some environmental organisations have been trying to extend the ecologically sensitive zone to Kodagu, alleged office-bearers of Save Kodagu Forum.

At its source, wells are drying up as swathes of forest lie submerged by dams or cut down for rail and power lines

Declare entire Kodagu eco-sensitive: wildlife forum

Forest personnel coming up with new plans to find solution

The big cats in Nagarahole Tiger Reserve could have some space for themselves as foresters are looking at shifting tourist facilities to the periphery of the national park.

Olirum Erodu Foundation has teamed up with Annai Cauvery River Protection Trust to carry out remediation of environmental pollution in the Cauvery River.

Moderately dense forest has declined by nearly 30,000 acres in the State

The Cabinet sub-committee on delineation of eco-sensitive zones (ESZ) is going slow on notifying the areas around national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the State.