BENGALURU: Copious pre-monsoon rain has reduced the risk of forest fires in the state this summer.

The eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) of Nagarahole National Park, on which a draft notification was issued by the government recently, covers 92 villages on a geographical area of 299.02 sq. km.

The Rajiv Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary (Nagarahole) has seen an increase in tiger population and is all set to top the list in South India.

In an effort to put an end to the rising human-animal conflict, an Indo-German team visited Nagarahole National Park in the taluk to study the possibilities of finding new methods to mitigate the p

The big cats in Nagarahole Tiger Reserve could have some space for themselves as foresters are looking at shifting tourist facilities to the periphery of the national park.

Bengaluru: That the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve is home to a good number of big cats was always known. But did you know that the forest area has a density of 8.6 tigers per 100 sqkm?

Recording preference of elephants for natural water bodies, the study by Wildlife Conservation Society India Program cautions that practices like creating waterholes without research on impacts ma

As fanciful as it sounds, imagine an Aadhaar card-type unique identification system for elephants.

MANGALURU: A new scientific study by the Wildlife Conservation Society India Program has assessed seasonal distribution patterns of five wild herbivores in human-use areas adjoining Tiger Reserves

Bengaluru: When the national tiger census report was released in January this year, Karnataka had every reason to feel proud. The state is now home to 406 tigers, the highest in the country.