City does poorly with respect to commuting and transport emissions

After aspiring to become the next Shanghai or Singapore, there is a rude reality check for Bengaluru.

A recurring violation is the commencement of construction without environmental clearance

With the ‘positives’ of strict traffic restrictions that saw private heavy vehicles kept out of Bengaluru during the Invest Karnataka meet, the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board will urge the

Javadekar promises to consider restrictions on phosphates, a major component in detergents, to reduce frothing of lakes.

Encroachments on buffer around rivers will have consequences, say experts

Moderately dense forest has declined by nearly 30,000 acres in the State

Some people had snatched equipment from experts checking the legality of construction on wetlands

As fanciful as it sounds, imagine an Aadhaar card-type unique identification system for elephants.

The hope for protecting the city’s largest wetland – connecting Bellandur, Agara and Varthur lakes – that arose after censure from the National Green Tribunal (NGT) over construction of a Special E

‘Some citizens have threatened to go to court if action is not taken’