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Western Ghats Task Force Chairperson Ananth Hegde Ashisara said on Thursday that radiation from the Kaiga nuclear plant in Uttara Kannada district was causing cancer among residents of nearby villages.

He told a press conference that members of the Task Force had visited villages in a radius of 15 km of the plant and interacted with the residents. It is true that the number of cancer patients in areas close to the plant had increased in the recent past, as borne out by medical tests, he said.

A study on the impact of radiation on the health condition of people living around Kaiga Nuclear Power Generation Station has commenced.

Kaiga nuclear power plant. The survey is being conducted by Tata Memorial Cancer Research Institute, Mumbai, and the Community Health Centre of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

The Karnataka government has informed the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) that it has prepared a proposal for upgrading the infrastructure facilities in villages close to the Kaiga Atomic Power Plant in Uttar Kannada district.

The NDMA, an unit under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, had carried out mock exercises in association with different state governments at all nuclear installations to assess the preparedness of various agencies in the event of nuclear disaster.

Mumbai-based Tata Institute would conduct a survey on radiation levels in villages surrounding Kaiga Nuclear Plant in Karnataka and treatment would be provided to anyone found affected, the Chief M

A smoke alarm in the Kaiga Nuclear Power Generating Station located in coastal district of Uttara Kannada in Karnataka has forced authorities to shut down the third unit of the plant. According to officials in the nuclear plant, after a smoke alarm in a pump house on Saturday evening made officials to shut of the unit as a precautionary measure.

The benefits of the landmark civilian nuclear cooperation agreement with the United States are beginning to show in the performance of India

After Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's assurance in the Parliament on the safety audit of all atomic plants in the country in the aftermath of Japan's nuclear crisis, multilevel safety measures have been put in place at the Kaiga atomic power plant in Karnataka on the west coast near Karwar in Uttara Kannada district.

Bangalore: The Kaiga nuclear plant consisting of four reactors comes under seismic zone three which ordinarily means a moderate damage risk zone.

There are five seismic zones in India and zone five is the one with severest risk and high damage risk zone.

Mangalore: The tritium poisoning episode at Kaiga Generating Station (KGS), which exposed about 50 employees to increased levels of radiation 16 months ago, remains unsolved though police claim investigation is still on.

Uttara Kannada superintendent of police Raman Gupta told TOI: