In 2006, former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko was killed in London by unknown assailants who gave him a tiny dose, less than a microgram, of Polonium-210

The ever-increasing security threat to Indian nuclear establishments could lead to almost all of them being declared no-fly zones to avoid the possibility of any plane crashing into them in a repeat of the 9/11 attack. National security adviser M K Narayanan is learnt to have written to the Prime Minister's Office to consider a no-fly zone status for these sensitive establishments, a copy of which was sent to the aviation ministry for technical evaluation recently.

green activists are up in arms against the ongoing work on the Kaiga atomic power plant in Karnataka. They have stalled work on the project's transmission line which cuts through the Western Ghats,

The Karnataka government has joined in the vociferous opposition to the Kaiga nuclear power plant, under pressure from political parties and environmental groups. Deputy chief minster S M Krishna

The fourth unit of the 220 MW Kaiga Generating Station (KGS-4), located in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka, was connected to the southern power grid in the early hours of Wednesday, after the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) granted clearance to it.

KGS-4, which achieved first criticality on November 27 last, was

Disgruntled Nuclear Scientist May Have Poisoned Water Cooler

The Atomic Energy Commission on Sunday confirmed a TOI report that drinking water was contaminated with radioactive material at the Kaiga atomic plant in Karnataka, calling it an