Bathing ghats remain dilapidated; mosquitoes find breeding ground

Though the temple town of Kumbakonam is blessed with the Cauvery, the glory of the river seems to be slowly dwindling with it being turned into a cesspool during summer and dumping yard for plastics and other wastes. Senior citizens feel that the river could be put into good recreational use by converting it into a boating paradise when it is in full flow.

Be alive to challenges: J.Radhakrishnan, Assistant Country Director and Head, Disaster Management, United Nations Development Programme, India, handing over the degree certificate to a student at the graduation day of SASTRA University in Kumbakonam on Sunday.

KUMBAKONAM: Disaster management techniques is now broad based and schemes have been designed, taking into account prevention and mitigat

Agricultural production from the deltaic regions is the highest in countries like India. Study of groundwater quality, which is a function of physical and chemical parameters of the geological formations, is important as it will affect the agricultural production.

CHENNAI: GEMAC Energy Ltd. (GEL), a nascent venture of the closely-held GEMAC, is planning to set up a coal-based power project near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.

The project will have a total capacity of 1,320 MW and will be implemented in two phases of 660 MW each.