Groundwater is a major source for domestic, agricultural and industrial activities. The present study was carried out with the objective identifying the suitability of groundwater for domestic and agricultural purposes in Vaniyar river basin in Tamil Nadu.

Effluent resulting due to various processes from tanning industries may lead to groundwater pollution when they are disposed off without proper treatment.

Hydrogeology of the Kanyakumari to Colachel aquifer was brought out by systematic hydrogeological, lithological and hydrological studies. Intensive field work was carried out to study the geomorphic and geologic variations within the study area.

A three-dimensional mathematical model to simulate regional groundwater flow was used in the coastal area of Kanyakumari district in South Tamil Nadu. The study area is characterized by heavy rainfall, less extraction of groundwater for agricultural, industrial and drinking water supplies.

Agricultural production from the deltaic regions is the highest in countries like India. Study of groundwater quality, which is a function of physical and chemical parameters of the geological formations, is important as it will affect the agricultural production.