Pazhayar river basin is a perennial river carries water throughout the year from Kothiyar, Pachiparai dam and Perunchani dam in Kanyakumari district. Water quality of Pazhayar river basin is analyzed by testing the water samples collected at regular interval of time from January 2009 to July 2010 at every month interval.

Hydrogeology of the Kanyakumari to Colachel aquifer was brought out by systematic hydrogeological, lithological and hydrological studies. Intensive field work was carried out to study the geomorphic and geologic variations within the study area.

A three-dimensional mathematical model to simulate regional groundwater flow was used in the coastal area of Kanyakumari district in South Tamil Nadu. The study area is characterized by heavy rainfall, less extraction of groundwater for agricultural, industrial and drinking water supplies.

The present study deals with statistical analysis of physico-chemical parameters of ground water quality in Nambiyar river basin. The quality of ground water has been assessed by using correlation coefficient (r) between all parameters. A systematic correlation and regression study showed linear relationship among different water quality parameters.