Bulk percipitation displays the combined effects of all water soluble components of precipitation. Dust from the earth's surface is commonly assumed to be alkaline; it is commonly reported in the literature as a constituent of the atmosphere and of precipitation.

The effluent generated by cement factory ACC Jamul, near light industrial area, Bhilai Dist. Durg is highly organic in nature. The samples were collected in winter season from different sites near the factory.

Gagan river water at ten different sites in and around Moradabad were collected and analysed quantitatively following standard methods for twenty two physcio-chemical parameters. The estimated values were compared with water quality standards. The river water is found to be severely polluted with reference to these analysed parameters.

The present investigation involves the analysis of water of Ulhas river of Ulhasnagar city located in Thane district. In recent years there is environmental degradation due to pollution and population of Ulhasnagar city.

An investigation was carried out to assess the sources and types of microflora viz. bacteria, fungi and algae in the raw milk collected by Saras diaries collection centres as well as the process unit especially in Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

The objective of this study was to investigate extent of contamination of groundwater (potable and irrigation) of Aligarh district by pesticides and heavy metals during last 11 years (1996-2006)

The paper deals with the determination of five heavy metals viz. Cu, Cd, Fe, Pb and Zn in surface water at different sites of upper basin of Bhoj wetland, Bhopal.

The effects of pesticides and other chemicals have been studied by many workers in fishes. In the present study the effect of pesticides endosulphan and sonatox on some visceral organs of Oreochromis mosambicus have been observed the renal tissues affected and showed remarkable karyo and cytometric change.

The effect of automobile pollution on floral pigments of Caesalpinia pulcherrima Suotz. and Nerium indicum Miq. was studied. A decrease in Anthocyanin content in flowers of plants growing near Agra-Mumbai Road NH-3 was observed. There was 8 to 35% reduction noted in floral pigments. Nerium indicum flowers were found more affected than Caesalpinia pulcherrima.

Experiments are carried out to determine simultaneous one-dimensional spatial concentration distribution of spilled petroleum in three soils (sandy, loamy and topsoil) in the horizontal and vertical directions. It is shown that the horizontal spread is very slow and the volume of petroleum spilled has minimal effects on the extent of spread in the horizontal direction.