Epidemiological studies link organophosphorus pesticide (OP) exposures to asthma, and we have shown that the OPs chlorpyrifos, diazinon and parathion cause airway hyperreactivity in guinea pigs 24 hr after a single subcutaneous injection.

Recent studies have indicated that organophosphorus pesticides (OPs) may disrupt metabolism by altering the expression or function of adenylyl cyclase (AC; the enzyme that catalyzes the formation of cAMP from ATP) or G-proteincoupled receptors and G-proteins involved in the AC signaling cascade.

March 10: Pesticides prohibited by the Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee are widely used by farmers in the state.
Alarmingly enough, officials who are supposed to prevent their use are actually recommending them to farmers.
The CIB&RC has issued a list of pesticides which are banned including chlordane and ethyl parathion.

Developmental exposures to organophosphate pesticides are virtually ubiquitous. These agents are neurotoxicants, but recent evidence also points to lasting effects on metabolism. The researchers administered parathion to neonatal rats.

The objective of this study was to investigate extent of contamination of groundwater (potable and irrigation) of Aligarh district by pesticides and heavy metals during last 11 years (1996-2006)

Eight insecticide treatments, viz monocrotophos 36 SL, chlorpyriphos 20 EC, triazophos 40 EC, imidacloprid 200 SL, endosulfan 35 EC, Quinalphos 25 EC, methyl parathion 50 EC and cartap hydrochloride 4 G were evaluated for their efficacy against rice leaf folder Cnaphalocrocs medinalis (Guenee), yellow stem borer Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker) and whitebacked planthopper Sogatella furcifera (Horva

it is believed that women who grow up on farms have a strong immunity and face a lower risk of allergies than those who don't grow up on farms. A study has found that farm women may be at a

The Peruvian government and Bayer, a multinational pesticide manufacturer, have been held responsible by the citizen's tribunal for the 1999 pesticide poisoning deaths of 24 schoolchildren in Tauccamarca. The children died after drinking a milk substitute contaminated with methyl parathion (sold by Bayer). Two schoolchildren, by mistake, took a bag of government-supplied milk substitute mixed with the pesticide to be served in school. The result was tragic. The tribunal blamed Bayer for failing to implement basic safety precautions to prevent misuse of methyl parathion.

The effect of an organophosphorus (OP) insecticide, methyl parathion on the behaviour of a freshwater air breathing teleost fish, the Climbing perch, Anabas testudineus was studied. The breathing rate, rate of feeding, performance of sustained swimming behaviour against water current and the learning ability were severely curtailed in the fish exposed to 5 mg/L of methyl parathion.

This study was undertaken to access the residue of commonly used pesticides viz Cypermethrin, Methamedophos, Monocrotophos, Cyfluthrin, Dialdrin and Methyl Parathian respectively in three varieties of mano being collected from the grower fields in Multan division.