A 15-member team of the National Food Safety Laboratory, with support from the FAO came up with the findings after collecting and testing food samples from the capital’s Gulshan, Karwanbazar and Mo

Study Finds Residue In 96 Of 345 Samples Tested | Produce Collected From Vendors, Markets

The advice to ‘watch what you eat’ may no longer apply only to the calorie conscious, with a recent study finding copious quantities of pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables. Of the 345 samples they tested, researchers found pesticide residue in 96 samples.

As part of the Global Atmospheric Passive Sampling (GAPS) study, XAD-resin based passive samplers are being deployed for consecutive one-year periods at numerous sites on all seven continents to determine annually averaged concentrations of persistent organic pollutants.

March 10: Pesticides prohibited by the Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee are widely used by farmers in the state.
Alarmingly enough, officials who are supposed to prevent their use are actually recommending them to farmers.
The CIB&RC has issued a list of pesticides which are banned including chlordane and ethyl parathion.

Pesticides that have for decades been out of use are now being detected in fresh products