Oct. 15: The government officials estimated that floods caused Rs 1,844.64 crores loss in Kurnool district and the loss incurred by private parties has been put at Rs 5,000 crore.

Oct. 11: Even though it is been a week since the floods receded, many areas in Kurnool are still under knee-deep slush while sanitation personnel have been unsuccessful in clearing tonnes of garbage scattered on the roads here.
People complain that the foul smell emanating from the garbage is making their heads reel.

HYDERABAD: Workers engaged in the operations to remove the thick layer of silt deposited in Kurnool city and elsewhere after the floodwater receded are faced with a peculiar problem as the soil has become very hard.

New Delhi: The flooding of Kurnool could have been averted had successive state governments in Andhra Pradesh not avoided repeated reminders of the Central Water Commission (CWC) on doubling the spillway capacity of the Srisailam dam.

Oct. 6: In the most inaccessible area, at the foothills of the Nallamala in Kottapalle mandal of Kurnool district, hundreds were marooned for nearly past five days as the Srisailam backwater had flooded their villages.

The retreating monsoon claimed 12 more lives as the death toll due to torrential rains and rampaging floods in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh soared to 205 on Sunday even as relief operations were on in full swing in the two states to provide succour to the affected.

Hyderabad: Kurnool town on Friday night was in the imminent danger of being completely submerged with flood water at some places getting more than 10 feet deep. By Saturday afternoon, the town is likely to be sumberged under as much as 15-20 feet of water, putting into peril the lives of over two lakh people. Many were feared dead.

HYDERABAD: The Krishna river and its two major tributaries in Andhra Pradesh, Tungabhadra and Handri, rose menacingly to a level not seen in 100 years after they received unprecedented quantities of inflows, bringing both Kurnool and the pilgrim centre of Mantralayam under neck-deep water, besides inundating some 100 villages in Kurnool and Mahabubnagar districts.

In a controversial move, the Andhra Pradesh cabinet on Thursday cleared a proposal for conversion of 1,412 hectare Nallamala reserve forest area into a memorial park in memory of late Chief Minister Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy.

Dr Rajasekhara Reddy was killed in a helicopter crash on September 2 at Pavurallagutta inside the dense Nallamala forest in Kurnool district.

Sept. 1: Large-scale corruption has plagued the much-touted National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme as even employed persons apart apart from the dead are shown to be working and drawing money as per its records.