Despite a series of measures initiated by the state government, there seems to be no end to suicides by farmers in the state.

Given that the controversy over success and failure of Bt technology still exists, this paper discusses the available field studies that have addressed agro-economic questions of Bt cotton cultivation in India. Since a meta-analysis of studies can give only partial conclusions, owing to differences across study methodologies and coverage, this paper takes a different strategy, i e, looking not simply at differences between Bt farms and non-Bt farms, but at the experience of farmers before growing Bt and after switching to Bt.

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation is funding a pilot project to enable the state’s farmers to reverse the environmental degradation and rural poverty in the state by applying scientific methods to groundwater management.

Baseline studies jointly conducted by the FAO, Centre and state government have identified seven districts in Andhra Pradesh to effectively implement the best practices in sustainable cropping patterns to combat climate change.

A water war has broken out again between Kurnool and Mahbubnagar districts. Mahbubnagar politicians and farmers protested against the denial of their share of drinking water from the Tungabhadra dam and accused Kurnool leaders of siphoning off the water.

Kurnool received 1.29 tmc ft of water for drinking from Tungabhadra dam following a request and this led to a demand from Mahbubnagar leaders for a 40 per cent share.

An outbreak of diseases, one of these being described as a mystery illness, has taken a heavy toll on children in Andhra Pradesh’s Rayalaseema region.

Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant of M/s NSL Mining Resources India Pvt. Ltd., Village Muddavaram, Tehsil Bettamcharla, District Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh – Prescribing of TOR - Regarding.

The big increase in uranium reserves estimated in Tummalapalle in Andhra Pradesh has given a boost to prospecting efforts for new finds.

At least one person was killed and scores of villages inundated in the torrential rains that lashed the state since Monday night.

The rural population of the state has dropped to 66.51 per cent in 2011 census compared with the 72.7 per cent in 2001 census.

The statistical analysis of hydrologic data derives importance in the planning and design of water resource projects which require information on different hydrologic events that are governed by probability distribution. The present study attempts to select an appropriate probability distribution function to forecast maximum hourly rainfall intensity during southwest monsoon at Kurnool and Ananthapur raingauge stations located in the drought prone area of Rayalseema region of Andhra Pradesh.