The much revered Markanda river, which finds mention in the ancient Hindu scriptures, has come under a threat from the unplanned industrial growth in the neighbouring Nahan town of Himachal Pradesh.

With a number of multinational companies setting up units there, huge quantities of effluents are being released into the Markanda, which have completely destroyed the biotic life in the river.

Order of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of Deepak Kumar Vs State of Haryana & Ors dated 27/02/2012 regarding quarrying in the river beds of Yamuna, Tangri, Markanda, Ghaggar, Krishnavati River basin, Dohan River basin etc and extraction of minor minerals.

Even as tempers rise over the twin issues of the Hansi Butana canal and construction of a toe wall by Haryana to strengthen the Ghaggar bundh, Punjab today maintained the issue could be resolved on

Following rains in Himachal Pradesh, the Markanda river and other seasonal rivulets which were flowing below the danger point, are now in spate. Seven persons, including three women, were swept away by the raging waters in the recent flash floods, but were all rescued alive.