New Delhi: Given the state of the global and domestic economies, and the fate that has befallen many of their international counterparts, automobile manufacturers in India are grateful to see fiscal 2008-09 come to an end. However, they are much more concerned about the future.

To Phase Out The Car & Omni From

Maruti 800 - the small car that revolutionised personal transport in India

New emission norms prompt India's largest car maker to phase out 25-year-old models.

Over 25 years after the Maruti 800 and the Omni revolutionised the country

No Plan To Cut M800 Prices Or To Launch A Rival, Says Bhargava

New Delhi: Maruti Suzuki, the country's biggest carmaker, admitted on Thursday that Tata's small car Nano might have a "short-term adverse, though marginal," impact on the company's entrylevel M-800 model but said it had no plans to cut prices or launch a rival.

New Delhi: The launch of Nano at Rs 1 lakh will make four-wheel vehicles affordable to additional 14 million household in the country, said credit rating agency Crisil in a report on Monday. According to the market research firm, Nano

Maruti Best-Seller To Either Take Price Cut Or Get A New, Souped-Up Avatar
Sumit Chaturvedi NEW DELHI

MARUTI Suzuki could slash the price of its largest-selling model, Alto, as it looks to take on the Nano, the world

After a worrying 7 per cent fall in sales in January, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motors, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra and Honda Siel have notched up an impressive 18.78 per

Auto executives, however, remain sceptical whether the momentum can be sustained for the rest of 2009.

BIG auto posted positive car sales in January, reviving hopes that a demand upturn could be just round the corner. Many companies improved their sales on a sequential month-on-month basis in January, following increased customer interest which drove higher footfalls at car dealerships. Market leader, Maruti Suzuki, achieved its highest-ever domestic and total sales in January 2009.

NEW DELHI: Even as the auto industry is struggling to meet its sales target, India