Uncorrected text of the discussion on Bhopal Gas Tragedy in Lok Sabha on Aug 11, 2010 centered on who was responsible for plight of the tragedy victims and who helped former chairman of Union Carbide, Warren Anderson, to escape to the US

A case under various sections of IPC was registered against then Union Carbide Corporation chairman Warren Anderson and several functionaries of the company for causing immense loss to human and cattle life. But it has not been handled with due care. There are so many disturbing aspects of the whole episode, reports N D Sharma from Bhopal.

Methyl isocyanate (MIC) is a relatively simple chemical; its formula, CH3

Anxiously aiting outside the court of the chief judicial
magistrate Mohan M Tiwari in Bhopal on 7 June, 36-year
old Raghu Jaidev and many other victims of the Bhopal
catastrophe were crestfallen, some of them,outraged,upon hearing
the outcome of the trial that had dragged on for almost two decades. (Editorial)

Why blame the chief judicial magistrate of Bhopal for his tame ruling, when he was left with little choice after the collective compromise by the government, the CBI and the Supreme Court, asks V Krishna Ananth

Nearing 90, the CEO of Union Carbide at the time of the disaster lives the life of a recluse in a multi-million dollar home in NY

New Delhi: It will be unkind to blame the trial court for handing out mild punishments to the Bhopal gas leak accused whose collective negligence caused an industrial catastrophe. For, the court

Over 25 yrs after the world

New Delhi: Victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy have, it seems, become used to injustice. On Monday, seven influential officers of Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) were convicted by a court with a mere two-year sentence for causing the world

Emotions ran high among relatives and survivors of the victims of the world's worst industrial disaster in Bhopal as they demanded capital punishment after eight senior officials of the Union Carbide were convicted today only of death due to criminal negligence.