Population drama: World population crosses 7 billion - Uttar Pradesh's newly born girl world's 7 billionth citizen.

Doles are not a long-term solution for poverty alleviation; they only promote indolence. Catering to the rising life-style of urban India and leading rural Bharat to a spiral of prosperity can only come through setting up of productive enterprise, opines Chandigarh-based technologist and entrepreneurial professional Chandra Mohan.

The Anderson escape and all related matters of the Bhopal tragedy have to be seen as part of our slavish mentality which lacks the courage of conviction to stand up to our "superiors" in public interest. It is shameful that persons in positions of authority often conduct themselves as saleable and purchasable, spineless entities in the existing system. Truth has to come out, asserts Hari Jaisingh.

A case under various sections of IPC was registered against then Union Carbide Corporation chairman Warren Anderson and several functionaries of the company for causing immense loss to human and cattle life. But it has not been handled with due care. There are so many disturbing aspects of the whole episode, reports N D Sharma from Bhopal.

The test of a firm's success lies in its efficiency. That means quite a lot, much more than a simple one-line statement. But it is better to start with a set of important facts relating to whatever happended or did not happen in the process of the Bhopal gas tragedy and other directly and indirectly related matters, argues Prof. Kumaresh Chakravarty.