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The latest furore in South Africa is over the Cloudy Creek or Rietspruit wetland on the south bank of the Vaal river. The Sasol Chemical Industries wants to strip mine the area for coal as

The Brazilian acting minister of justice Milton Seligman denied the allegation that the former minister Nelson Jobim had given the instruction that the Raposa/Serra do Sol indigenous area be


In an attempt to monitor the environmental and social repercussions of mining activities in Latin America, NGOs and community representatives from nine countries, including the US and Canada,

Three Guyanese citizens have filed a case against the Canadian mining company Cambior in the superior court of Quebec, Canada, for the environmental damage caused by the leakage of 3.2

the us administration recently slapped a lawsuit on mining companies operating in the Silver Valley of Idaho for causing pollution. Over several decades, lead, zinc and other toxic metals have been

Unsustainable use of subsurface environment is escalating. Can geologists find solutions?

ranigunj is a town situated about 200 km west of Calcutta on the banks of river Damodar in one of the most industrialised areas of the country. One would expect Ranigunj to be a thriving locality,

A research team based in Queensland, Australia, has shattered the world drilling record with jets of water in a coal seam. The team drilled 123 m underground into the coal seam at the German Creek

A 400-strong group took part in a demonstration to remove miners and woodcutters from the Sarare indegenous area in the state of Mato Grosso on January 11. The demonstration was supported by the

three commercial farms, Narsinv Plantations, Reliance Agro Industries and Hoysala Farms, have decided to challenge renewal of mining leases by the powerful mining industry in Goa. The farms are