The Standing Committee on Coal and Steel present this Twenty-second Report (Sixteenth Lok Sabha) on Science & Technology/Research & Development in Mining Sector relating to the Ministry of Mines. The Standing Committee on Coal and Steel (2015-16) had selected the subject for detailed examination and report to the Parliament.

The Ministry is now bringing out the Guidelines for Support to Research in mining & mineral sector to provide renewed scientific impetus to address the emerging mining challenges, broaden the participation of stakeholders, introduce the concept of cost-sharing and make the research in Mines more productive, with an emphasis on outputs and ou

Mineral resources are non-renewable.

Minerals are finite and non-renewable valuable natural resources being the basic raw material for infrastructure, capital goods and various other industries. The history of the mineral extraction in India dates back to the Harappan Civilization.

The Planning Commission, Govt. of India constituted a Working Group on Mineral Exploration and Development (other than Coal & Lignite) in the context of formulation of the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-2017), under the chairmanship of Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Government of India.

- CSIR unit inks MoU with Korean institute on scientists

Goa can be a next destination for gold mines with umpteen reserves being tapped inside the 15 percent of state

Kalasapura village of Chikmagalur was a happy little hamlet but things changed for the residents about three decades ago, ever since it is said that there is an Uranium deposit at Rangappanagudda near Kalasapura.

A partial view of Rangappanagudda near Kalasapura in Chikmagalur, where Uranium deposit has been reportedly found.

Hyderabad, May 24: The state has finally quantified the deposits of the valuable fullerene mineral found in the Mangampet Barytes mines in Kadapa district more than a year ago. The value of the finding has been put at Rs 95,000 crore.

priyadarshi siddhanta

The mines ministry is all set to be re-christened as the Ministry of Mineral Development. After having deliberated at length, the ministry has decided to re-name itself and will soon seek the approval of cabinet secretary K M Chandrasekhar.