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The slaughter of Sariska effectively portrays the determination of the local people to halt the devastation wrought by mines.

IN JANUARY, Doordarshan aired a documentary called The Green Brigade, which despite a typical Films Division tone, was informative, interesting and even balanced. It was on the Ecological Task Force

MECHANICAL mining rights are being considered on the flood-prone Kalu Ganga south of Colombo for the South African gem trading company, Colombo Sapphire Ltd. According to Panos Features, this will

In a bid to keep Shimla and its surroundings free from ecologically damaging activities, the Shimla High Court has come down heavily on stone quarry owners and stone crushers in and around the town.

Fed up with government inaction on mining and deforestation in the Aravallis, the people of the region are taking it upon themselves to end the degradation.

Mining inside and on the boundary of Sariska National Park in Rajasthan's Alwar district has resumed despite a Supreme Court ban. Enquiries with the Zilla Khaniz Udyog Sangh (ZKUS), the local mine

Most candidates for the Bhopal North constituency are ready to overlook the fate of victims of the world's worst industrial disaster.

Several colony specific environmental problems surfaced during the election campaign in Delhi and that's where they remained.

The pollution of Betwa river figured prominently in the election campaign in two constituencies in Madhya Pradesh, but was ignored in the worst hit villages.

THE ENVIRONMENTAL Foundation Ltd (EFL) of Sri Lanka has threatened the country's Central Environment Authority (CEA) with legal action for becoming an "advocate for industrialists" by granting