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The controversial Omai gold mine which was shut down in August last year after a cyanide spill (Down to Earth, Vol 4, No 9) is to be reopened shortly, after a commission appointed by the

THE Karnataka government seems to have turned a blind eye to the Forest Conservation Act, 1980, while authorising district forest officers to grant leases for quarrying in forest lands across

The Special Commission of the National Congress of Brazil is studying various means of making the much derided Calha Norte mining project feasible in the country. The commission took advantage

Experts from all over India and the world vote for cleaner mining options in the first ever world mining Congress

Environmental reasons have weighed heavily in the decision of the usbased Overseas Private Investment Corporation (opic) to terminate us $100 million worth of political risk insurance on

A public enquiry into the leakage of cyanide in August from a gold mine - one of South America's largest - has been stymied because it has run out of witnesses. An "environmental disaster" is

For the Broken Hill Pty Co Ltd (BLIP), the Australian mining giant, the coming year could entail many a court session as it faces trial in Victoria's Supreme Court for alleged

Pakistan is gearing up to face the environmental conditions likely to be European countries in the New world trade order. As a first step, it has undertaken to facilitate a

Ecologists in Madagascar are highly worked up about the plans of British conglomerate, Rio Tinto Zinc, to mine 3 littoral forests around Tolanaro, a port in the southern part of the country.

Pakistan is all set to foreign investment in minerals. Late September, the country announcedvi- new mineral policy, giving a package lot tax and other concessions to attra 'he foreign