The north-eastern region of India with all its potential, natural and otherwise can be turned into a hub of tourism with adoption of proper multi-fold planning and strategies, opined Dr Shyam Bhadra Medhi, former Commissioner and Secretary to various departments of Assam government and visiting scholar, London School of Economics, Stanford University, Harvard University and special representative,

Cleanliness has always been acknowledged as a vital component for any successful venture, especially for quality tourism promotion in Sikkim which is already feeling the pinch of garbage littering by lakhs of tourists visiting this hilly State.

The picturesque hamlet of Anegundi, perched on the banks of the Tungabhadra, has many claims to fame. Anegundi is a pioneer in the Endogenous Tourism Projects programme. Started 2004 in 36 destinations across India, the programme is being carried out by the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with the Union Ministry of Tourism.

The tourism ministry is working overtime to make cruise tourism a reality.

The ministry has chalked out bottlenecks and strategy to deal with each of them on paper. The ministry is also planning to give exciting sops to private partners for development of infrastructure for cruise tourism.

SHILLONG : In a move to boost tourism in Sohra, Governor Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary on Monday inaugurated two major projects for tourist amenities at Nohkalikai Falls and Mawsmai cave which include kiosks, a parking lot, toilets and ticketing counters constructed at the cost of Rs 21 lakh each.

16% rise in foreign visitors, 14% domestic growth.

Faridabad: Match held to highlight govt apathy towards the lake threatened by rampant mining, colonisation

A Cricket match on the dry bed of the Badkhal Lake was stalled by angry authorities of the Haryana Government and local political leaders.

Untapped potential


Rural tourism is intended to energise local skills, economy and grassroots development. Judging by Pranpur in Madhya Pradesh, it seems to be working well, in parts.

Leaving aside the many shortfalls in the accommodation, we found much in Pranpur that would provide fascinating experiential encounters with village lifestyles.

New Delhi: With the tourist arrivals in the country showing a marked slowdown in the past few months on account of the global financial crisis and, to an extent, the Mumbai Terror attacks, India is almost certain to fall short of its target of receiving 10 million visitors by 2010.

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) has decided to grant an extension of the repayment period by two years and the grace period by one year for the loans granted to Tsunami affected tourism sector related projects under Susahana and Small Business Revival Programme (SBRP) loan schemes implemented by the CBSL.