BALASORE: Come summer and people in the northern parts of the State face an acute shortage of water. But, nobody really cares to protect the water bodies which keep the groundwater level high.

According to an estimate, about 30 ponds have been filled up in Balasore town for construction purposes in the last five years.

To adopt scientific fish culture it is most essential to collect good quality fish seed so that one can get actual benefit in fish production. It is observed that genetically degraded fish seed never achieves the actual growth rate. This due to induced breeding of different Indian major carp species together that inbreeding generally occurs.

Untimely rains have left farmers in dire straits.

It is imperative for farmers to take up alternative jobs, along with farming to increase their income, said Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU) Administrative Board Member Monappa Karkera inaugurating the

The steady decline in the ground water level across the state has prompted the government to launch a $300m World Bank-funded irrigation project that will include recharging of underground aquifers.

The state water investigation and development minister, Srikumar Mukherjee, said the five-month project was aimed at making

The National Fishworkers Forum headed by Matanhy Saldanha on Friday "completely rejected" the draft CRZ Notification 2010 issued early this week, saying it neither protects the fishing communities' rights and livelihood nor the coastal environment.
"Activities that do not need to be within 500 metres from the sea like atomic plants, greenfield airports, so-called non-polluting industries, SEZs, l

CPM cadres

KOLKATA, 13 JULY: According to the District Human Development Report on South 24-Parganas, which was released yesterday, 15 per cent of Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forests, may be submerged by the year 2020. However, an uncertainty prevails over the data.

A study was carried out at the Central Farm of Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar during 1992-93 to evaluate the performance of composite fish culture with catla (Catla, rohu, mrigal and grass carp) in a fish-crop-duck-poultry integrated system.