Central Panel Against Project Passing Through Wildlife Sanctuary

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Rajkot: Constructing

RAJKOT: Paperless schools where children don't need to lug heavy books on their thin frames, seemed like a thing of the future. But one school in Rajkot has taken the giant leap forward and made blackboards, notebooks, chalks and dusters redundant. The 1,000-odd students of Genius Schools will learn all their lessons digitally next month.

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Rangpar: He may be visually impaired, but he sure does see things others don

The Directorate of Economics and Statistics, MOA, GOI asked the Agro-Economic Research Centre, Vallabh Vidyanagar to undertake a study to assess the economics and other impact of Bt cotton vs. non Bt cotton using field data. Two districts namely, Rajkot and Vadodara having different agro climatic location and having notable acreage under Bt. cotton were selected purposively.

The Government of India have introduced a comprehensive scheme of crop insurance throughout the country from Kharif 1985 season covering major crops viz., cereals, oilseeds and pulses. The impact of crop insurance scheme is more pertinent in the state like Gujarat as it alone accounts for almost 43 per cent of total claims.

This paper examines the Saurashtra recharging movement as a response to growing water scarcity conditions and increasing agrarian-based livelihood challenges.