Silent Valley, one of the few remaining tracts of undisturbed tropical evergreen forests in India, is once again testing the resolve of environmentalists and the never-say-die dam builders of Keral

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Porpax Lindi. is a small genus found only in the mainland of Asia. It differs from its close relative Eria Lindl. in having the sepals joined into a tube and having a very short pseudobulb which is wider than long. While on an exploration to Silent Valley a curious population of Porpax was located. Comparing with other known species of the genus, the plants were described here as a new species. The plants were growing on lichen covered tree trunks in moist shady places.

on april 18, 2007, the Kerala government gave

To help chart afresh course to conserve the Silent Valley National Park, activists who stopped a dam's installation in the region met in the Park at a recent seminar