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KOCHI: The Athirappilly hydro electrical project will be a recipe for environmental disaster, Union Minister for Environment Jairam Ramesh has said.

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Silent Valley is home to many rare species like the Lion-tailed Macaque and Ceylon Frogmouth. Being untouched by man, it also contained many unaltered gene pools kep intact since time immemorial. The Government of Kerala, in a moment of recklessness, decided to destroy these pristine forests by building a hydro-electric project to generate a fefw megawatts of power.

Chipko Movement, 1973

The 1980s saw the debate on environment move from just deforestation to the larger issues of depletion of natural resources

Silent Valley, one of the few remaining tracts of undisturbed tropical evergreen forests in India, is once again testing the resolve of environmentalists and the never-say-die dam builders of Keral

smugglers have now become active in the buffer zone of the Silent Valley too. More than six hectares of Kakkivani Malavaram evergreen virgin forests connecting Silent Valley with the Muthikulam

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Public hearings are meant to elicit people's views on upcoming projects, though authorities are not obliged to act on them.

on april 18, 2007, the Kerala government gave

The Kerala government makes yet another attempt to destroy the tranquillity of the Silent Valley