Tata Motors Ltd and the West Bengal government were today directed by the Calcutta High Court to file written notes of argument by 20 September as hearing on the challenge of the Singur Act by TML

Kolkata The West Bengal government on Thursday said it agrees to the high court’s proposal of laying down the guidelines for compensation to be given to Tata Motors. However, Tata Motors has stated that the high court cannot set such guidelines.

The West Bengal Government on Thursday told the Calcutta High Court that it was ready to compensate Tata Motors for taking over the land of the now relocated Tata Motors small car factory at Singur according to the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act if the company applies to the District Judge of Hooghly.

Calcutta High Court today asked the West Bengal advocate general to inform him by tomorrow if the state government will challenge any move to pay compensation to Tata Motors Limited (TML) on the ba

Kolkata In a significant development in the Tata Motors vs State of West Bengal case, the high court has said that it can lay down the basic principles of compensation based on section 23 and 24 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894. It has also asked advocate general Anindya Mitra to find out whether the state will oppose any such observation.

KOLKATA, 13 SEPT : Why can't the court set down guidelines for compensation in this case ?

Countering the State government's claims that the Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act, 2011, was legislated not to acquire property but merely to extinguish the lease given to Tata Motors, the company told the Calcutta High Court on Monday that the Act pertained to “nothing but acquisition” as West Bengal had not terminated the lease.

KOLKATA, 7 SEPT: The Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act is in no way a colourable legislation, Mr Kalyan Bandopadhaya, appearing for the WBIDC, submitted before Mr Justice IP Mukerji o

Sanand (Gujarat): Gujarat’s industrialisation story is well known, but what is less clear is how exactly the land to house these industries is being acquired.

KOLKATA, 2 SEPT: “The question of compensation cannot be ruled out after a lease of 90 years has been extinguished,” Mr Justice IP Mukerji of Calcutta High Court remarked today while hearing the st