KOLKATA, 7 FEB: Although Tata Motors Limited (TML) and the vendors are similarly placed, the Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act discriminates between the two, counsel of the vendors at

KOLKATA, 31 JAN: De-acquisition of land is the real substance of Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act and acquisition of land is not at all its primary purpose, the counsel of the vendors

KOLKATA, 30 JAN: The Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act is a classic case of overkill wherein to return 40 acres of land to unwilling farmers nearly 1,000 acres of land have been acquir

The state government's victory in the Singur case will affect the integrity of the nation as it will pave the way for other states to act according to their desire, submitted Mr SK Kapur, counsel o

Even as reports of farmers reeling under the impact of heavy debts committing suicide come pouring in from different parts of West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee denied here on Thursday tha

KOLKATA, 10 JAN: False representations have been made in the statement of object and reasons of the Singur Land Rehabilitation Development Act to justify it, Tata Motors Limited (TML) counsel Samar

Nandigram: Five years after a movement that catapulted it into spotlight at the national level and spelt the beginning of the end of the 34-year Left rule, Nandigram is still counting the losses of

Sanand on itinerary, Trinamul smells Left trick and cancels trip

The Maharashtra government is set to oppose the Centre’s Land Acquisition Bill, which will remove the state’s role in acquiring land for industrial purposes.

The court should strike down the Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act as it has violated the constitutional provision by not fixing the amount of compensation, Tata Motors Limited (TML) c