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Now that the Lok Sabha has passed the 93rd Constitutional Amendment, the desire to have the Right to Education (up to the upper primary stage) as a Fundamental Right guaranteed by the Constitution is

Parliament has tripped on good intentions once again - to immeasurable detriment to India's children and, by extension, the country's tomorrows. At first glance the unanimous amendment to the

The Lok Sabha on Wednesday unanimously passed a Constitution for children in 6-14 years age group a fundamental right. The amendment was passed by 346 for and none against after a debate lasting

Thai officials are traveling on elephants to deliver text books, education kits and satellite dish antennas to tribes in remote jungle villages as part of a new campaign to eradicate illiteracy. Four

November 26, 2001 is all set to become a red letter day in the history of India's fight against ignorance and illiteracy. The Government on Monday took the first concrete step to accord its citizens

Thirty-two countries are at grave risk of failing to enroll all children in primary schools by 2015.In 15 of these countries, less than half of the children are attending school.This warning was

The international annual meet of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation held in Jaipur has some bouquets to offer to India, and on the flip side, a few brickbats too. While exchanging views and

In Uttar Pradesh, many villages are witnessing a unique experiment - a people's movement for literacy. Initiated under the District primary education programme in 1997 in a bid to boost the State's

The Rajasthan chief minister, Mr Ashok Gehlot, has announced the launch of an education promotion campaign-"Shiksha Apke Dwar Par" (Education at your doorstep) from 19 November, the birth anniversary

The Karnataka State Government has set an ambitious target to raise the literacy level from 67.04 to 80 per cent in the next three years. Reports have it that the literacy level has gone up by five