It is presumed that remarkable increases in cotton productivity in India have come about through bacillus thuringiensis cotton and that this approach therefore must be replicated in other crops.

The hookah, a waterpipe, originated in India and became popular for smoking tobacco. It spread elsewhere and acquired other names like nargile, shisha, goza and hubble-bubble, before its popularity declined in India. A resurgence of hookah smoking is occurring in India and around the world, and is being promoted as safer than cigarette smoking.

The article on water harvesting and artificial recharge in naturally water-scarce regions (30 August 2008) makes a number of assertions about small water harvesting systems that are based on faulty assumptions and inadequate information.

Jim Corbett is held in great esteem in India as a compassionate man who had exceptional environmental awareness. A closer look however shows that this image is misleading and that he was in fact a fully paid-up imperialist. The continuance of the Corbett myth is indicative of our failure to read his skilfully written books critically.

The concept of Pancha Yajnya (five scarifies), reflected in Manusmruti such as Rrushi Yajnya (Sacrifices: for the source of Knowledge -Teacher), Deva Yajnya (to the Gods – Environmental powers), Bhoota Yajnya (living creatures), Nrru Yajnya (to men) and Pitru Yajnya (to manes); is aimed to raise eco-consciousness amongst the human environment. Man, should be committed to show obligation to the above environmental agents as an ethical and ecological responsibility, from whom he receives unasked gifts continuously; is the basic theme of Pancha Yajnya; discussed in this communication from ethnobiological point of view.

The Name of the Disease

What happens when ice melts in the Roopkund tarn?

THE book tackles the stereotypical image long ascribed to American Indians. Anthropologist Shepard Krech III takes on the unenviable task of breaking through the myths cherished by the

This is the story of Friends of Vrindavan, a unique experiment in conservation, which brings to attention the important role that India s religious traditions can play in protecting the environment

DR COMPUTER As scholars expounded on the significance of traditional sciences, a computer in the pandal outside prescribed lifestyles to the more practical-minded. The diagnostic system was a