THE book tackles the stereotypical image long ascribed to American Indians. Anthropologist Shepard Krech III takes on the unenviable task of breaking through the myths cherished by the

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one of the pressing issues of this century is the ways and means to combat rampant pollution. Every country has formulated different policies to control the environmental damage. The book,

journals brought out by various non-profit voluntary organisations tend to be boring and are often rele-gated to dusty library shelves and reference sections seldom visited by people. However, this

this book is a rather bold attempt at exploring the complex relationship bet

the nineties have heralded, though a trifle grudgingly, the participatory approach for grassroots development wherein the focus is shifting from

it is heartening to note that in the present decade, the intellectuals and academicians of the nation are not pontificating and publishing in just the realm of abstract theory but are directly