This Puducherry Solar Energy Policy intends to create a framework that enables the development of solar energy in the Union Territory of Puducherry. The Union Territory of Puducherry comprises of four erstwhile French settlements viz. Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam, which are unconnected regions.

MIT scientists have developed the thinnest, lightest flexible solar cells ever produced that could be placed on almost any material or surface, including clothes, smartphones or even a soap bubble.

The commissioned capacity of grid connected solar power plants in India as on 14th January, 2016 is 5129.813 MW. Several States have taken initiatives following the Central Government and framed Solar Policies, to support setting up solar power projects, which had an impact of lowering levelized solar tariff.

Government of India (GoI) has set an ambitious goal of providing uninterrupted power for all homes, industrial and commercial establishments and adequate power for farmers by 2022 through its “24X7 Power for All program”. GoI wants a growing share of the country’s electricity to come from renewable energy.

Kolkata: Solar power has now found a new 'hub' at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur.

We report on a new metal halide perovskite photovoltaic cell that exhibits both very high solar-to-electric power-conversion efficiency and intense electroluminescence. We produce the perovskite films in a single step from a solution containing a mixture of FAI, PbI2, MABr, and PbBr2 (where FA stands for formamidinium cations and MA stands for methylammonium cations).

Australian company races to be first to develop perovskite solar and make technology available for more businesses

Visit the outskirts of Rajkot at Metoda GIDC and satellite dish-like structures are visible at a unit. These aren't TV or radio reception but to harness solar energy on an unprecedented scale.

RAIPUR: In its endeavour to promote innovative industrial projects aligned with national priorities, Chhattisgarh government on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding with M/s LancoInfratech L