Installation of a 5 kW unit is said to cost Rs.

A young researcher from the Allahabad University's (AU) department of physics has come up with breakthrough research in new age solar cells that could revolutionize the photovoltaic technology that

The Delhi Division of Northern Railway is going to set up a first of its kind 'Bio-waste processing plant' at Kishanganj Railway Colony.

Nontransparent contact fingers on the sun-facing side of solar cells represent optically dead regions which reduce the energy conversion per area. We consider two approaches for guiding the incident light around the contacts onto the active area. The first approach uses graded-index metamaterials designed by two-dimensional Schwarz–Christoffel conformal maps, and the second uses freeform surfaces designed by one-dimensional coordinate transformations of a point to an interval.

Solar cell makers seek anti-dumping duties

Two natural dyes containing anthocyanin are extracted from sour and sweet pomegranate from Iran. Spectrophotometric evaluation of the natural dyes in solution and on a TiO2 substrate was carried out to assess changes in the status of the natural dyes. The results show that the natural dyes indicate buthochromic shift on the TiO2 substrates. Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) are fabricated to determine the photovoltaic behaviour of each dye and the mixture of extracts.

Inspired by the Japanese art of kirigami, researchers at the University of Michigan have created a lattice-like cell that can stretch like an accordion, allowing it to tilt along the sun's trajecto

Sops may include capital, interest subsidies & customs duty relief

The German research project “HELENE” — a project put together for the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of the country’s solar energy technology sector is aiming to achieve industrial produ

Government of Gujarat announced new solar policy to increase the solar power production in the state. The Energy and Petrochemicals Department presented the ‘Gujarat Solar Power Policy-2015’, the second solar power policy by the Government, the first one was given in 2009.