The production of heat accounts for around one half of energy demand around the globe – the largest of all energy end uses. Heat demand is also significant in some of the hottest countries such as India where despite the climate it is still necessary for cooking, hot water and industry.

AGRA: In a bid to conserve energy, ensure uninterrupted power supply and strengthen security, Central Jail authorities here have started working on plan to tap solar energy.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has claimed to have made a breakthrough in developing technology for utilising solar heat harnessed during the day for heating rooms during

This booklet attempts to demystify renewable energy based technologies, and brings it a step closer to the general masses from a practical perspective.

Solar thermal systems (STS) offer vast potential for use in manufacturing. Yet widespread STS uptake requires policy-making to create the right conditions. This technology brief provides technical background, analyses the potential and barriers for market growth, and offers insights for policy makers on this key renewable energy technology.

This report assesses the business case for the deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) in island tourism.

In view of the current power crisis and power cuts throughout the state, the Energy Coordination Cell (ECC) of the energy department of Andhra Pradesh, has appealed to around 25 million consumers to save energy by releasing an open letter.

According to an ECC release, one unit of electricity saved is equivalent to 1.2 units of electricity produced. The energy conservation measures like arresting wastage of energy, including avoiding usage of air-conditioners indiscriminately, using solar heaters and replacing incandescent lamps with CFLs have a potential to save 10,000-15,000 million units.

Many industries have not tapped the potential of solar thermal energy: Chunkath