The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has claimed to have made a breakthrough in developing technology for utilising solar heat harnessed during the day for heating rooms during

Water scarcity is not restricted to the plains as is generally perceived, but is also seriously affecting many areas in the Himalayan heights that remain snow-bound for a large part of the year.

The Railways has started the process of harnessing solar power through roof-top plants at railway stations and buildings to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and conventional sources of electricity

As the Punjab and Haryana Governments struggle to control the large-scale burning of paddy straw by farmers, the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climatic Change has set up a system to generate

Forecasting a serious threat to sustainable crop production, scientists have estimated that by 2050 salinity may affect about 20 million hectares of arable land, causing over three-fold increase in

Climate change, besides leading to physical destruction, is likely to affect the mental health of humans, a study has revealed.

Soil toxicity alarmingly high; urea consumption estimated at 400-600 kg per hectare

While there has been an increase of about seven per cent in the forest cover in Punjab, a number of irregularities in the utilisation of funds and land management have come to the fore.

Observing that extreme rainfall events in the Karakorams, which hitherto were not known in this area, have started occurring with alarming frequency, a research paper has stated that this phenomeno

As receding glaciers form new lakes across the Himalayan frontier, a new dimension has been added to the strategic paradigm.