Shyamsundar Vattam, Mysore, Feb 14, DH News Service:

The century-old Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens of Mysore, which has the rare distinction of successfully breeding a number of birds and animals in captivity, is ready for the next challenge

Wake up in the morning and miss the chirp of the house sparrow? The Indian government wants to know where the little birds have gone and have roped in Time magazine's Hero of the Environment-2008 Mohammed Dilawar to find out.


KOLLAM: It has been found that the population of house sparrows (passer domesticus) belonging to the family of Passeridae is on the decline in the state due to unscientific proliferation of mobile towers.

Ornithologists are apprehensive that sparrows might be wiped out for the sake of seeking pleasure

The latest to join the list of the depleting category of birds is the local Indian sparrow. The sparrows survive best if left alone in their habitat, say environmentalists. Recently, ornithologists raised an alarm when unani medicine practitioners recommended sparrow's meat for a sexual high.