Europe has an estimated 421 million fewer birds than three decades ago, and current treatment of the environment is unsustainable for many common species, a study released on Monday said.

Amid growing fears of the Indian house sparrow fast disappearing, a Wildlife Institute of India’s study has raised hopes on conservation and presence of house sparrows in Uttarakhand.

Over 65,000 birds across 26 species and many animals from nine species of mammals were killed in hailstorms that occurred between February and May this year in Marathwada and Vidarbha regions.

BANGALORE: Male parenting may be recent in humankind. But male members taking care of their brood is not new to the animal kingdom.

They are so tiny it’s easy to miss them in the city’s bustle, but now, one of the busiest spots in the capital is being dedicated to them.

The common sparrow has not remained so common these days, with the bird attaining the fourth rank in the list of rare birds.

Thiruvananthapuram: Radiation from mobile towers is not only taking a toll on human health but is also blamed for sparrows vanishing into thin air.

An environmental science expert team — led by Sainudeen Pattazhy — attributes the disappearance of sparrows to the electromagnetic fields and radiation effects created by mobile towers and mobile phones.

Lucknow: On the occasion of World Sparrow Day on Thursday, you can contribute in your little way by counting the birds and letting the biodiversity and wildlife conservation lab of Lucknow Universi

Rejects popular belief that biggest threat to the species is from mobile tower radiations

Contrary to the popular notion that radiations from mobile towers are the biggest enemy of house sparrows, the species is rather being pushed towards extinction by large-scale use of pesticides.

Recent studies contradict the view that emissions from cell phone cause irreparable damage to health

Recent studies in institutions across the world have contradicted reports of radiation from cell phones and their towers damaging the eggs of sparrows, and thereby contributing to their reducing numbers.