As World Environment Day falls on June 5, Soni Sinha looks at how 70 per cent of work
under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act can actually be eco-friendly and benefit local communities in India's poorest districts

Child labour needs to be redefined. Some of it is need-based, but most of it is greed-based

Ornithologists are apprehensive that sparrows might be wiped out for the sake of seeking pleasure

The latest to join the list of the depleting category of birds is the local Indian sparrow. The sparrows survive best if left alone in their habitat, say environmentalists. Recently, ornithologists raised an alarm when unani medicine practitioners recommended sparrow's meat for a sexual high.

The city government is on a tree planting drive ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games

Urban Indians are realizing the problem that is staring at us and therefore concerted efforts are being made to turm the Capital green. After decades of reckless industrialization the environment is back on the nation's agenda," says Sunita Narain of the Centre for Science and Environment.