The Parliamentary Standing Committee on human resource development(HRD) in their 31st Report on the functioning of the central government hospitals under the department of health, had expressed concern about inadequate facilities for the treatment of poor patients for major illnesses.

Public-private partnership to make healthcare is an initiative to reach out to the unreached, accessible, accountable and affordable for vulnerable sections of society

On 12th April 2005, the then PM launched NRHM to provide accessible, affordable and quality care to the rural population, especially the vulnerable sections.

India is the second largest bicycle maker in the world with an annual turnover of 12 million units per year, the industry one of the most established and stable industries in the country.

Oil spill in the Bay of Bengal spells doomsday for breeding of Ridley turtles
The worst fears of environmentalists appear to have come true with reports of an oil leak from MV Black Rose, the Mongolian ship that sank off Paradeep coast in Orissa on the 9th of September. The ship was carrying about 926 tonnes (926,000 litres) of furnace oil.

In what will be music to the ears of banana cultivators, a Gujarat based agriculture university has successfully converted parts of the fruit's plant, which are usually thrown away as waste, into highly useful products, including an edible candy with nutritional values.

Villagers are fleeing to safety as elephants move into their domain in search of food and fodder----------

Kandhmal is back in the news - but this time around it is not communal riots. The district which caught inter-

It's a bank with a difference - a mother's milk bank. Yes, you read it right - and it's the first of its kind in Asia

Russia plans to ban the production and sales of powerful incandescent bulbs in 2011 that will save energy, according to economic development minister Elvira Nabiullina, chairperson of the task force for energy efficiency. Incandescent bulbs above 100 Wt would no longer be produced, which will save 10 to 20 per cent electricity, Nabiullina said.

The UAE is all set to phase-out plastic bags in the country over the next three years, even as substitutes like jute or paper bags are being suggested to be used by 2012. Following a cabinet decision, the ministry of Environment and Water will educate consumers to use alternatives, media report said here.