The West Bengal government for the first time will conduct tiger census through DNA sampling of the animal's scat in Sunderbans in January next year.

Kolkata: With an Indian Statistical Institute analysis raising doubts over the number of tigers in the Sunderbans, a fresh census of the big cat will be conducted this winter.

Some of the most inaccessible and extremism-affected tiger reserves in India are set to get a booster shot: all the way from Scotland.

Ananya Dutta

KOLKATA: Living in the inter-tidal habitat among marshy thickets, having become accustomed to the saline water, and but often without the trademark element of surprise, the Royal Bengal Tiger of the Sunderbans may have evolved differently from its brethren in peninsular India, according to experts here.

KOLKATA: Two cobras were found in the stomach of a tiger found dead in the Sunderbans

Ananya Dutta

KOLKATA: Five incidents of tigers straying into villages in the Sundarbans in the last six weeks have caused concern among the officials of the Forest Department.

Opinions differ on whether cyclone Aila was responsible for the behaviour of the tigers.

Ananya Dutta

Kolkata: The big cats of the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve that stray into inhabited areas will be tracked with the help of an electronic microchip implanted in their bodies, Reserve Director N.C. Bahuguna said here on Thursday.

A pregnant tigress, captured by employees of the reserve on Tuesday night, will be the first to be tagged with a microchip placed at the base of her tail.

In what could rouse both suspicion and relief, a State-level committee constituted by the Chief Wildlife Warden of West Bengal on the directions of the Centre to assess the damage caused to the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve by cyclone Aila, has claimed there were

Cyclone Aila

Kolkata: As the cyclone-fuelled tides kept large parts of the mangrove forest inundated amid rising fears about the fate of tigers and prey animals, the forest department launched an emergency assessment survey in the Sunderbans on Wednesday. Forest guard teams and members of the local forest protection committees (FPS) fanned out in search of animal carcasses.